Electrocity Carlow

In this Electrocity shop fit-out, it’s important to note that it wasn’t a complete overhaul. We opted for a balanced approach by incorporating some of the existing displays. As proponents of sustainability, we’re keen on recycling and upcycling. Discover more about our commitment to sustainability by exploring our dedicated range here. You’ll also find insights into our innovative approach to repurposing old displays.

While retaining some displays, Bill did opt to refresh the ambiance significantly. A new floor and enhanced lighting were introduced, which notably contributed to a brighter and more spacious feel throughout the space.

The choice of a light grey timber laminate material for the majority of the central floor units was a deliberate move. This decision imparts a timeless, classical aesthetic that can effortlessly adapt to evolving trends.

We extend our sincere appreciation to Bill and the Electrocity Carlow team for their steadfast support. Their collaboration continues to inspire us in delivering excellence.

Floor Plan

3D Render