LG Electronics at Arnotts

Experience the Fusion of Artistry and Technology: A seamless collaboration between CGL Retail Solutions and LG Electronics, this project is a testament to our collective expertise in design, construction, and cutting-edge technology integration. Our goal is to unveil a bespoke retail space that seamlessly blends aesthetics and functionality, capturing the essence of LG’s innovation.

Step into an engaging shopping environment with an intuitive layout, state-of-the-art technology showcases, and an unforgettable experience. This mirrors the commitment of LG Electronics and CGL Retail Solutions Ltd to push the boundaries of innovation.

Explore the final display installation images below, a visual testament to our dedication. For all your bespoke branding and display requirements, reach out to us at sales@cglretailsolutions.com. Elevate your brand experience with us.

Floor Plan

3D Render